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Make it easy for others to promote your brands online

5 June, 2009 (00:50) | branding | By: Shannon Clark

I was recently invited to the private Beta for Linkaholix (follow this link for my referral if you want to join). Linkaholix is a site dedicated to indicating things that you like – from brands to books to albums, restaurants and more. While entering in a range of things I’m passionate about, I have been struck by a simple yet puzzling observation.

Even many of the biggest, most popular online savvy brands do not make it easy to find their logos online or to refer to them in an authorative manner.

So a short note to suggest that when you think about your Brand presence online, don’t neglect some of the absolute most basic elements, adding brand collateral in a uniform manner online and making it very clear where your presence is based (i.e. which URL a fan should link to directly when referring to your business) as well as making it easy for an individual or a business to find the right logos and other related photos – such as of your retail businesses, your brands in use, your packaging etc. Consider as well making all of your brand marketing and advertising available online in easy to link to or embed formats.

I would much rather use the right logos and images when I’m promoting a brand I enjoy via an online service. This isn’t just a matter of following a brand on Twitter or joining a fan page on Facebook, though both of those actions are also relevant signals. Instead this is a matter of when I am blogging here on this site, or when I’m using a great service such as Likeaholix to capture short notes about why I like the things that I like, I would like to present those brands in the best possible light and to use the most accurate and correct images and videos possible.

As a challenge to you, try to find the logo for Revision3’s show Co-op which is a show I love on gaming.

They have a truly great logo for their game – 8 bit icons in a logo type font that captures a great deal about who they are and what they are about. A great image that I can’t easily share here as I still haven’t found a image of the logo online as just the logo in a form I can copy & use elsewhere.

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