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A friend’s book and a great conference – two cool projects for today

19 September, 2011 (15:10) | branding | By: Shannon Clark

I am going to try an experiment, as often as possible over the next few weeks I am going to post links to projects and events I think are great, worth supporting and potentially of interest to readers of this blog. Some will be directly related to branding (see the Dieline conference below) but many will just a cool, worthy project. These are far from unbiased opinions, I’m making no pretense of objectivity and I’m sure there are many other worthy projects (in fact if you know of one leave a comment or send me an email with why you think I should feature that project next). I’m starting with a Kickstarter campaign for a new book by a very good and old friend of mine (NSFW entirely at least – she’s writing a book of erotic SF stories) and an upcoming conference here in SF which I wish I had the time to attend.


Demi-Monde – an erotic science-fiction novel-in stories is a Kickstarter project by my very good friend from college Mary Anne Mohanraj. Very worth supporting and I hope a successful example of how a book which a traditional publisher might not be able to publish in today’s market can be funded. Writers today have to be creative in funding their pursuits and as a reader I want Mary Anne to succeed not just to get to read a new novel by her, but as an example for many other writers whose topics of interest are not what most publishers (today) are looking to support.

I’ve been a big fan of the design blog The Dieline for a long time now. While I don’t read every post they may, I scan many of them and enjoy their highlighting of great and interesting design . This small conference here in San Francisco looks to be a fantastic event. I don’t think I’ll be able to attend personally but if you have the time it is worth considering.

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